Documentaires over het weer en klimaat
Earth's Strangest Weather Phenomenon:
El Nino - Documentary
A look at bizarre weather phenomena on other worlds in our
solar system such as tornadoes with 6000 MPH winds,
and rain made of iron. Bron: Planets Documentary
The Great Global Warming Swindle caused controversy in the UK when it premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4.
Bron: Wisdom Land
Worst Weather - When lightning strikes Documentary - WORLD HISTORY VIDEOS Sprites are often incorrectly called upper-atmospheric lightning.
BBC Documentary 2016 | World's Strangest Weather Phenomena - National Geographic Documentary
uper Tornado : Documentary on the World's Biggest and Most Deadly Tornadoes.
Documentary about weather of the world.
Bron: PBS
Meteorological Technology On Weather Predictions & Climatic Changes.  Bron: Documentary Lab
A unique combination of natural science and history takes us through the ages and along the entire spectrum of natural forces.Bron: Hazards and Catastrophes
How did climate change affect humanity in the past? How did it change our history?
Bron: Hazards and Catastrophes
An international documentary series joins the debate about the future of our planet. Volcanoes, earthquakes and storms.
Bron: Hazards and Catastrophes
Earth's atmosphere still holds many secrets for science, but with the latest satellite launches and long-running observations from the ground, we are now gathering far more and better quality data about the weather and climate than ever before.
Harry Wexler is one of the first scientists to envision using satellites for meteorological purposes; he is remembered as the father of the TIROS weather satellite.
The weather of 2016 as seen by EUMETSAT’s geostationary weather satellite, Meteosat-10. The satellite provides the Met Office with both visible and infra-red views of weather systems over the Atlantic Ocean and UK every 15 minute
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